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Wholesale hemp flowers Europe

Cheese ~ Cannabis Light
4.75 out of 5
Super Skunk ~ cannabis light
4.67 out of 5
Ghost OG fiore CBD
4.80 out of 5
Theratonic Fiore CBD
3.60 out of 5
Apple Punch cbd-flower
4.55 out of 5
Hemp Store TN

Cherrywifarm has been the Netherlands leading online raw organic wholesale hemp flowers shop in Europe since our humble beginning in 2017.

Legal Cannabis & CBD Products- Wholesale Hemp Flowers Europe

Cherrywifarm products are well known all over the world as one of the highest quality CBD and hemp products origin from the European Union.

Premium quality, indoor grown Hemp Buds, just as they should be
but within the legal EU limit of up to 0.2{135520ef0c4f194e70e4b3632698c2adeb15c4f6f46ba156f472fb1b5c455d4e} THC.
We are proud to grow and supply the rest of the world . Today in EU there is a legal limit in most countries for products containing THC. So any product that contains THC above 0.2{135520ef0c4f194e70e4b3632698c2adeb15c4f6f46ba156f472fb1b5c455d4e} is in most countries considered as a narcotic drug and use or possession of such a product can be punishable by law in many of the European Countries.

Best Cannabis Wholesale hemp Flowers Products in EU.

100{135520ef0c4f194e70e4b3632698c2adeb15c4f6f46ba156f472fb1b5c455d4e} Legal Within Europe

All our products are tested and qualified as industrial hemp with a legal THC limit of 0.0 - 2.0{135520ef0c4f194e70e4b3632698c2adeb15c4f6f46ba156f472fb1b5c455d4e}.

Overnight Delivery

We always deliver your order within 24 hours (weekdays) to anywhere in within Europe and the UK.

ISO Certified manufacturing

Europes first ISO certified Cannabis manufacturer.

100{135520ef0c4f194e70e4b3632698c2adeb15c4f6f46ba156f472fb1b5c455d4e} Organic Hemp

We guarantee all the products are made from 100{135520ef0c4f194e70e4b3632698c2adeb15c4f6f46ba156f472fb1b5c455d4e} pure organic industrial hemp.

We love partnership

Contact us for more information regarding our wholesale prices and great offers for retailers.

Laboratory Testing

You can feel safe using and buying our products. Every batch is lab-tested and verified

Marijuana Wholesale - Hemp flowers Europe

CBD Wholesale, Light Cannabis and Light Marijuana Wholesale in Europe. We strive to offer only the best, high quality products. Read more about us and our products below.

Legal THC Content in every shipment!
We deal only with legal marijuana and ship only legal hemp with THC levels that match your country’s laws and regulations.

Legal Cannabis Wholesale

All our products are 100{135520ef0c4f194e70e4b3632698c2adeb15c4f6f46ba156f472fb1b5c455d4e} organic and made from EU certified and approved industrial hemp. We do our own growing, nurturing, trimming and drying in one single factory. In this way we can really keep our production cost down but at the same time keep the quality at an all time high.


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