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La Italian Kiss è la nostra varietà di punta ed è caratterizzata da buds corposi e ricoperti da un’infinita quantità di resina incredibilmente aromatica. Il profumo, delicato e squisito, evoca sensazioni aromatiche di un negozio di dolciumi. L’aroma inebriante è dolce e fruttato e richiama toni di chewing gum e pennellate di fragola di bosco e rosa canina. Una vera esplosione di gusto.

CBD+CBDA < 22% Coltivazione indoor
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Italian Kiss – Cannabis Light
CBD Less than 22%.
THC below legal limits.

Italian Kiss is the flagship of the CBD Collection.

Large, compact buds covered with abundant resin. Intense aroma and incredible fragrance. Definitely among the best light cannabis strains on the market, a meticulous cultivation and drying process then preserves the unique characteristics of this plant.

The heady aroma is sweet and fruity and recalls tones of wild strawberry and rosehip. A true taste explosion.

All our legal hemp products, such as Italian Kiss, are analysed and accompanied by analyses and certifications, technical data sheets, and seed tags in order to guarantee the safety and full traceability of each of our legal cannabis sativa products and thus ensure their quality and compliance with current regulations.

All our legal hemp plants are grown organically in Italy, avoiding the use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers.

On our online shop you will find different types of light marijuana in order to provide you with the best experience and an extensive catalogue of legal weed. Buy Italian Kiss, or choose from other varieties in the shop!

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Explore our Cannabis Light Sativa L. online shop and enjoy a unique experience with legal hemp products that have won multiple Cannabis Cups in Italy.

All our products (legal weed, cbd hashsis, cbd oils, herbal teas, supplements, etc.) are selected from the best Italian and European productions in compliance with current hemp laws, in order to always guarantee you the excellence offered by nature.


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