“Maybe this world is the hell of another planet.” –  Aldous Huxley

Perhaps Huxley wasn’t referring to heat per se. The  incoming heat cyclone,  however, is called  Lucifer . And this, with  temperatures above 40 °  that brings with it, also represents a certain  danger for plants  growing outdoors. As the summer air actually seems more and more out of a Mad Max movie and it seems that  scientific forecasts for the years to come warn us that it will get even worse , perhaps you should learn how to protect your green girls.

Of course, extreme heat  is a problem not only for outdoor crops, but also for indoor plants . It is clear that in the latter case, having an air cooling system and  maintaining ideal growing conditions  is always the simplest, but also expensive, solution. However, adding the heat from indoor lamps to the sultry ambient temperature  , without cooling the air, would doom all plants to death. Clearly, for this purpose we recommend the new  LED lamps , which among the many advantages offer that of  developing little heat .

Recognizing heat stress

Fortunately, recognizing if the plant is suffering from heat is quite simple. Typically,  the edges of the leaves begin to curl up , appearing dry and worn. The plant in general will not appear in the best of its shape and tone, the persistence of the heat will make even  brown irregular spots appear on the leaves. Discoloration “frames” may also form around the “fingers” of the leaves .

In  the vegetative phase , stress manifests itself differently than in the flowering phase. These are real scars, in general symptoms that first appear on the leaves near the canopy and in the perimeter of the plant. come comprare marijuana su internet

These are essentially  areas subject to direct exposure to heat . Indoors, it is definitely worth  removing the light source from the plant ! Outdoors, this is the consequence of extreme heat waves. Even an excessively dry climate can induce heat stress in the plant, which will need a lot of paid attention to  maintaining adequate soil moisture conditions!

Dehydrated plant.

In  the flowering phase , on the other hand, stress sometimes manifests itself with the formation of new buds that begin to sprout on older buds. In this way, that particular  form of “foxtail” inflorescences can be formed. It is an  emergency mechanism of the plant , which attempts to form new buds capable of generating seeds. But  extreme heat, especially when combined with heavy fertilization, is also able to directly dry out the plants completely ! It is therefore necessary to reduce as much as possible the general stress that the plant is enduring.


“Foxtail” tops.

come comprare marijuana su internet-Buds produced with difficulty

Another bad consequence of an extreme heat wave can be a compromised crop. Typically, a flowering matured in conditions of extreme heat will lead to  inflorescences that are too airy and open, and not very consistent . Unfortunately, this doesn’t just mean a  loss of precious cannabinoids, but also terpenes and overall weight of the bud , relative to its size.

Of course  genetics  are also a major factor, and it can be said that  the indica trait is more prone to heat than the sativa trait . But don’t be fooled: 40 ° and around is just too much for cannabis in general!

There are now very practical devices to quickly measure the qualities produced by your crops on your own!
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Nor should we underestimate  the action of heat on the drying of the inflorescences and on the tanning . If you’ve been lucky enough to harvest just before a heat wave, be sure to provide the right conditions for your product. Dove comprare erba su internet

The buds that dry are still “alive”  and can still be damaged by exposure to an unsuitable environment. Eye!

Fighting the heat

Here are some useful tips to protect your crops from extreme heat.

come comprare marijuana su internet-Atmospheric control

Clearly, it is difficult to take advantage of CO2 in an outdoor environment. Indoors , on the other hand,  the concentration of CO 2  can increase a lot, up to the point where plants resist heat better . It is not the only reason why we recommend the  administration of carbon dioxide to your crops , which will only benefit from it. It is also important that there is a good air exchange. If you don’t have an air conditioner available indoors,  you can still find a good solution with an air exchange system . There are very powerful models with  activated carbon filters to avoid unwanted attention due to the aromatic fumes thrown out of the system. In addition, a continuous flow of air, between the air suction system and properly positioned fans, will make the  stems and branches stronger, as well as cooler . dove comprare erba su internet

Algae and silicon

If fertilizing too much can be a coup de grace for a plant exposed to tremendous heat, it is not certain that all types of nutrients are harmful. Seaweed mixes, such as  Biobizz’s FISH-MIX , are a very suitable food for a plant that shows the first signs of overheating stress . Even  the addition of silicon  seems to be a partial solution. This helps increase the resilience of plant cell walls and makes it easier to absorb copper, zinc and phosphorus ions. A good source of silicon is zeolite , which is also available as a powder for addition to the soil mix. Prevention is always better than cure.


come comprare marijuana su internet – Water at the right time

Water can rehydrate a plant that is heavily affected by heat. But the water can also finish cooking it internally. It is extremely important to  set the timers for irrigation, or physically irrigate, in the cooler hours . Early morning or evening are the best times for watering in the summer. More than anything else, the formation of drops on the leaves should be avoided! The slow effect  of the curvature of the drop of water will easily burn the surface. come comprare hashish online

Provide shade

It is clear that plants cannot be deprived of their precious light. But  creating an area of ​​shade, or even better of penumbra , in which plants can find a respite from the incessant boiling of the summer sun is something extremely wise. It must be said that in nature, where cannabis grows spontaneously in areas that reach an extreme heat content, it is also found in the shade of larger trees. We must be careful to find the right compromise, because in any case, cannabis needs its  substantial energy intake  to develop all the qualities for which it is appreciated.


If the pinnacle of despair has been reached, there is one more attempt:  to cool the plants with ice . Many speak of techniques to bring out  more markedly purple and reddish pigments  with the lowering of temperatures. One of these techniques is  placing ice on the cannabis growing medium . come comprare marijuana su internet

Normally those who use this technique hoping to give this boost to their plant are about to harvest, and therefore do not allow the water that melts from the ice to drip into the earth. But if the aim is not to make the buds more purple, but simply to lower the temperature of the plant, even  the fresh water provided by the ice can be a great help !






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